about us
om exchange is a community driven project aiming to share yoga with more people around the world. we provide an independent platform to share yoga retreats, events, and workshops. we are a team of dedicated yogis who are passionate about bringing yoga to more people and supporting yoga teachers to reach a wider audience.

our open platform allows yoga teachers and event organisers to post their events. we are still in beta so there is currently no charge to post events. please try out the platform and if you have any comments for improvement or questions, please email indra@omexchange.com.

if you are a passionate yogi, yoga teacher or anyone who would like to get more involved in the project, we are always looking for people to attend events, blog for us, and complete internships with with us. please contact hello@omexchange.com. we'll link back to your site and social media on our site and social media channels.
how we began
Indra Kubicek, founder of om exchange, had a vision to create a shared platform to connect those interested in yoga, meditation, and conscious living.

Indra is forever a yoga student and her background includes many yoga retreats, trainings and holidays. she by no means calls herself “an expert” but she loves to share! so she is always trying to connect the dots between people, and their interests, passion and talents to help them build themselves up!

our vision
we know that yoga begins for many of us on a mat, in a busy studio, in a city. but slowly it moves beyond our mat, our studios, and out into our lives and the world around us. it changes us and makes us want to connect more and do better things in the world around us - together we are stronger!

so, if we provide a hub as a space to connect, we'll start to spread the word and join together at events, share amazing inspiring stories, and help build better communities around us. for now and the future.
what we give
we send regular yoga newsletters full of great yoga tips, retreat deals, upcoming events, inspiring stories and reviews from our blog. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay connected!

all the content on this site is created by us through organically connecting with the yoga teachers, studios and yogis that we love!