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Are You Still Wondering Why You Need to Try a Yoga Class?

February 5, 2017 by Olivia Sanders 

As a yoga teacher, I often meet people who say that they really want to try yoga but they haven’t done it yet. I know that sometimes it is not very easy to start something new, especially when there is so much information about it and it seems like everyone else but you is going to classes. What are the useful things that you might help you build some confidence before your first yoga experience?

Yoga is for everyone

This is the truth and you need to understand that yoga is literally for everybody. Because it is a system that is helping you to become more healthy - physically, emotionally and mentally, I believe every person is able to find something useful. There are so many little details in yoga, so I am sure there is something for everyone.

You don’t need be flexible to start yoga

I think this is a huge one for so many people – they think they need to be flexible in order to start going to yoga. Actually, yoga will help you to be more flexible as every asana - the yoga pose - is working with the flexibility of your spine or other parts of the body. Maybe your pose will not look the same as the instructor’s but it really doesn’t matter. Everyone is on their own spot on the yoga path and the challenges are never ending.

Yoga is all about self-love

Although there are a lot of different exercises that you could practice, yoga is not only a sport or just an exercise. In yoga we learn how to calm the mind and observe our breath; it is all about acceptance and being here in the moment. Along with the yoga classes, we often go to healthy life lectures, massage therapy or any other procedures or activities that will help us feel better. We start to feel more connected with the body and every act is becoming a manifestation of self-love. I think this is the main reason why people find yoga so good and satisfying.

Be here

Yoga is great if you want to stop thinking so much about the past or the future, yoga will teach you to just be present. And this is something that you could not experience only by watching the yoga videos or pictures online. Once you feel really into the moment, you will start loving your yoga class. It doesn’t matter if you pick up a very calm and slow type of yoga, or you try the more challenging vinyasa or power classes, I am sure that one day you will just get it. You will see yourself so deeply in the present that all the worries will just disappear.

Be happy

So, when we take care of our body and stretch often enough, when we meditate observing and accepting our inner world, when we go to massage therapy, when we are dedicated to a practice that is making us feel really better … then we feel happy. Yoga will help you to find your happiness and will prepare you how to live with it. I really recommend to you that you give a yoga class a try for at least a month and see if yoga is “your” thing and if you want to be a part of the ever-growing world-wide yoga family.