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Australia's Top 3 Yoga Spots: Where to Find Your Downward-Dog "Down Under"

March 7, 2015 by Kate Jones 

By Kate Jones You could say I was in search of ‘myself’. I suppose that’s what we all do when we pack our bags, carrying as little as possible, following the road to the unknown. Sometimes you just have to close your eyes and jump. And that’s exactly what I did. Well, exchange the flight home to leap across the boarder from New Zealand to Australia.

I trusted my instinct. I trusted my desire to go and search for something greater. Isn’t that what we all yearn for? Some big change; some big, great change to shine light onto what we are truly here for. So, after spending six months in the bustling, late night, coffee drinking, vibrant Melbourne life, that light for me fell slap bang in the middle of one deep breathing, twisting, stretching, soul searching pathway.

“Yoga gives us the skills to meet life head-on with dignity and poise”


  Now unless you've been living away from society for the past decade, it's not new to any human that yoga awakens the body, mind and heart. Research shows that when we become in complete possession of our physical, mental and emotional capacities, we begin to live more fearlessly. We can build strength rediscovering who we really are at our core whilst being able to align ourselves with the ebb and flow of everyday busyness that we call our ‘lives’. Of course there are a numerous different styles of yoga; from Ashtanga to Yin to Hatha to Rocket (a few of a very, very long list) A particular love of mine became hot yoga; a ‘style that is performed under hot and humid conditions’. Not only were the benefits rewarding (a detox of the body, increased flexibility and deeper stretches) but the feeling became almost intoxicating in the most magical, exhilarating and hypnotic way. You could say I became addicted.Addicted to the feeling of becoming a calmer, stronger and more beautifully balanced being that is.     So here is my wonderlust list of hot-heated studios, inspiring teachers and deep, deep relaxation down under: 1. HOT BOX YOGA: Melbourne - http://www.hotboxyoga.com.au/ Tucked away down the travelling, colourful backpacker suburb of chapel St, this box was a hidden, glistening gem. The studio itself is beautiful. Open and reflective, it feels calm and inviting, although you could achieve a wonderful, light-bulb moment breakthrough. Furthermore, the variety of teachers from all over the globe reflect an array of classes; all bringing their own unique sequences and stirring reflection to each 60/90 minute practices. If you come with an open-mind and open-heart you will most certainly walk out feeling a sense of inner-calm, strength and pure inspiration. Suitable for beginners through to advance. 2. FLEX HOT YOGA: Brisbane - http://flexhotyoga.com.au/ Founder and Teacher Trainer Facilitator James Mantra Schulz began his practice where it all began; India. Mantra’s desire for ‘leading a pathway for yoga students to live the most fulfilling and balanced life’ is reflected profoundly within his studio. His hand-pick of devoted and thought-stimulating teachers coupled with over thirty classes each week is faultless. Each diverse class is contemplative and challenging, always catering for just about anyone at any level. The sense of a tight-knit community-difficult to find in many mainstream studios-is also warmly regarded. If you want to push yourself beyond your limits of what you thought possible and delve deep within, this is the place to do it. 3. POWER LIVING: Sydney - http://powerliving.com.au/ Duncan Peak, the original finder of P.L.A.Y share his contemporary yoga styles across his five studios in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. The classes are heartfelt, strong and stirring to say the least. The studios are well equipped for large groups (which you will often find due to the highly sought after ‘power’ classes starting from a super early 6am.). If you are looking for a core-workout, this is most certainly the place due to Peak’s army background which is subtly weaved into many of the practices. So come prepared to sweat, stretch and be moved to new heights (even if you can’t stand on your head just yet, you soon will be after these classes!) Yoga allows the mind to take rest and the heart to play. It allows the brain to de-construct itself and open up to infinite and limitless possibilities. It can basically make you feel like super-woman-well, a modern day 21st century super-woman. So if you find yourself in the beautiful country of Australia-each studio is a MUST-GO-TO.  Even if you want to lie in savasana for the whole hour just because you've recently left the cold-winter of the UK-that's OK...
“When you stop chasing what your mind wants, you get what your soul needs”
And with a little self-trust and one big leap-I realised that 'myself' was there all along. In fact, missing the flight home mirrored my circumstance- I just hadn't checked in yet. image2