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Top 4 Tips for Beginning Yoga: Feel Confident, Open & Ready for Your First Yoga Experience.

October 14, 2014 by Adrianna Zaccardi 

There is something completely magical about people who are starting their yoga journey. They have a sparkle in their eye. They have the courage to start a new adventure and an ultimate desire to get to know themselves on a deeper level. This is why I choose to focus my teachings on these amazing individuals. So, this piece is for all the daring souls out there. The people who have thought about starting yoga (multiple times!) and then ‘googled’ yoga, took one look at the images and thought ‘there is no way I can do that’ and gave up, because you’re not alone. _MG_4617 Here are a few things that I believe can help you feel confident, open and ready for your first yoga experience. 1. Remember why you are starting Maybe it’s as simple as gaining more flexibility, relaxation, or breathing techniques, whatever it is feel it as the genuine calling that it is. It is ok to go to yoga for one thing, and like everything in life that thing can change. But one word of advice, keep on going and give yourself a chance to connect with this reason for trying yoga.   2. Know you’re not alone The best thing about going to a class is you get to share the experience with a group of like-minded people. But for some this can be a little daunting. It helps to know that everyone was once in your position, even your yoga teacher (yes this may be hard to believe.) Nobody is there to judge you rather they are there to share in the magical experience with you. If you know you are somebody who needs a little extra support, you can invite a friend and make it a social experience. Who knows, maybe it will be the best thing you could do for your friend who has secretly been dying to try yoga too.   3. An attitude of gratitude Like a child learning to ride a bike for the first time, send yourself loving and supportive messages. You wouldn’t critique a 5 year-old’s debut attempt on a bike, so why should you pass these judgments on yourself with your first yoga class? My mother taught me; if I don’t have something nice to say (to myself or others) don’t say anything at all. Every word, spoken aloud or otherwise, is stored in the memory of your metaphysical body. The language we use dictates our attitude and outlook on life. So check yourself before you unroll the yoga mat. Are you feeling grateful for all the incredible things that your body does for you? And the brilliant things that it can do and will be able to do with the support of positive thoughts?   4. Think less, feel more and be in the moment Overcoming the excuses and getting there is the hardest part. This couldn’t be more important when you arrive on your yoga mat. I encourage my beginners to close their eyes during poses to really feel their bodies connecting with breath and sensation. The added bonus that your visual senses are removed leaving you the only option to go inward versus comparing yourself to everyone else in the room. Your yoga practice is just for you, so there is no real benefit in comparing yourself to others on the mat. Once you are in your body and in the moment, the rest will come.   Taking the first step and getting yourself to a yoga class is a big deal and is worth celebrating. So the most important thing about this is to have fun, smile, and celebrate the discovery and the breakthroughs within your body.   I can’t wait to hear how this short piece supported your yoga journey. Drop me a comment below. Adrianna teaches beginner friendly yoga classes throughout South West London. Check out her class schedule here.