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Why "Body Rolling" is the Best Gift You Can Give Yourself!

November 19, 2014 by Indra Kubicek 

By Indra Kubicek

It's The Secret to Learning Body Sustainability in 3 Easy Steps!

A few weeks ago I spent my Sunday afternoon rolling around on inflatable balls with a group of about 40 adults. Yes, it sounds a bit like gym class in primary school but believe me its WAY better! Although challenging, its at the top of my list for best things you can do for yourself  The therapeutic body rolling workshop “Unlocking the Desk-bound Body” caught my eye when I saw it on the Indaba Yoga FB page. Like many people, I've spent much of my life hunching over a computer. And now I'm in the same habit many of are when we walk: head down, frantically typing away on my iphone. I know the affect on my body from all this is certainly not great. (And Even though I practice yoga, body rolling is something different and very special!) I jumped at the invitation to attend a session with a truly amazing teacher, Leila Sadeghee. But when Leila walked in with 3 giant duffle bags full of inflatable balls I admit I was a little skeptical about the whole thing.  3 hours later, I was a complete convert, and in body bliss! IMG_2225-857x515  

What is Body Rolling?

Yamuna Body Rolling, or "YBR" is a technique for releasing tension and lengthening the muscles, was developed by Lana , who Leila credits as a “master of body sustainability”. Leila can be credited with bringing the practice to the UK from New York and is the leading expert here in London.

What is going on with the average middle age body?!?

Before we began the session began, Lelia asked if anyone had any injuries or pain they were working with. And I was completely blown away with the current body state of our modern-day bodies! In an era where we are supposedly staying younger longer, life expectancy is a the highest its ever been, us 30 & 40 something's seem to be suffering from loads of physical pain or injuries and many of us are walking around like stiff boards. The list of issues that came up included:
  • disc bulges
  • planter fasciitis
  • broken coccyx bones
  • hip problems
  • lower back pain (my quick statistical calculation - 1 out of 2 people suffer from back pain)
  • herniated discs
  • shoulder issues
For a minute I almost thought we were a room of 80 year olds? But I think the average age was early thirties to fifties. I myself suffered from lower back pain after a bad fall on my coccyx which then turned into chronic pain. I learned through my own experience that chronic pain is very much psychosomatic, (mind-body connected), stemming from stress. I don't disagree that these injuries people were suffering from were real, but in my opinion a lot of them could be due to on-going stresses and not focusing on preventative personal body care.

Why should we body roll? 

Clearly, based on the above, our bodies are quite unhappy with us!  Many of us feel very disconnected from our bodies and a lot of us are doing permanent damage because of it. As Leila (who has been ‘rolling’ for 14 years) explained, through body rolling we stimulate the bone and the tissues around it releases. As we all found out, it sure does! And you feel AMAZING afterwards! IMG_2232-225x300  

How it works? The 3 Steps to Body Rolling

Step 1: Place the ball in the area of tension.

The Pain We Carry in Our Bodies Starts at the Base - In Our Toes! We began by standing on ‘mini’ balls to stretch our toes. And the room quickly filled with the sound of squealing as we realised the much of our tension begins right in our toes. A few minutes on these mini-balls and we were walking around in a much more grounded way.  


Step 2: Bear weight onto the ball.

Body Rolling Positively Impacts Our Nervous System. Muscles are triggered by the state of our central nervous system (CNS). The triggers for our connective tissue to build comes from hormones which are directly related to mood & stress responses. When we release the stress in our bodies 

Step 3: Breath to where the ball is.

Most of us are familiar with stretching muscles but not this deep practice which realigns the bone. You move awareness to the bone and it literally starts to feel lighter as you penetrate into it. The healing is so powerful because you are reaching tissue that no one has ever been able to work into before.  One of the final practices we did was to release the tension we hold in our chest bones (emotional tension? of course! it's the gate keeper to our hearts). We placed our fingers to the middle of our chests. Took a few moments to breath into that space. And then we laid down and rolled the ball at our hearts centre. It was an incredibly powerful healing process. Most people will have never experienced any release of the tissue in this area.  IMG_2194-225x300  

How Does it Feel Afterwards?

Truly amazing. You literally feel blissful & spaced out. As all that tension releases it's like your head moves into the clouds... But I think you really need to experience it for yourself to understand (see upcoming workshops at bottom of this post). Just don’t plan to do any hard work or thinking 'post roll'! Thank-you Leila for introducing me to this incredibly healing technique. I will be spreading the word about body-rolling all over London and already looking forward to joining another session soon. More on Body Rolling from Leila herself can be found in her article here: http://www.leilasadeghee.com/?page_id=93

Next Body Rolling Session @ Chelsea Triyoga?

Just in time for the holidays! Try it and you'll be doing yourself and your friends and family a favour when you arrive blissed-out for the holiday dinner! Dec 7th & 20th - details here: http://www.triyoga.co.uk/book-courses-workshops?x=1&teacher=100000427 Leila will also be co-teaching a "Practices of Freedom & Wellbeing" Immersion course in February 2015 with Bridget Luff and nutritionist Heather Umlah. Details here: http://omexchange.com/event/practices-freedom-wellbeing-immersion/