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Cocina Supper Club, Shoreditch

September 27, 2016 by Florence Wylde 

On Saturday night I had the pleasure of attending The Cocina Supper Club in Shoreditch. 

I've had my eye on their events for a while; they specialise in plant based South American cuisine and each event has a new and interesting theme. Saturday's was vegan wine and it was so much more than a wine tasting. We drank 8 different wines which were each carefully paired with a delicious vegan dish. 

The event is run by Hernan and his wife Renata; the pair are utterly charming and friendly and I felt very welcome and relaxed in their beautiful apartment. We were joined by a mix of other people, friends and couples alike; all with a passion for good food and wine. It was a great evening and I met some lovely people that I hope to keep in touch with. The 10 of us guests chatted separately and as a group while Hernana and Rentata served up the great food and Daniela Peres, our beautiful Brazilian sommelière guided us through every sip. There was a sense of togetherness and warmth in the room, which was just as rewarding as the dining experience. 

All of the dishes were delicious and exceptionally well executed and everything, including the wine was vegan. The first dish was almond ricotta on fresh coca bread - it was light and tangy and I could have eaten much much more of it. Hernan explained that he had made it only a few hours ago so that it was super fresh. The almond ricotta was paired with a sparkling wine from Brazil which complemented the smooth whipped ricotta perfectly. 

The third dish was my favourite - toasted okras and chillies. It was so simple, with a delicious mushroom soy dressing. The dish was paired with a light white wine which went down only too easily with the kick from the chillies.


Another highlight were the vegan empanadas. There was a meat eater at the table who was overwhelmed by how rich and delicious the empanadas were without having any meat inside of them. The empanadas were paired with my favourite wine of the evening which was a mixed red grape from Argentina, Amuta 2013, Salta. The deep notes of coffee and berries danced perfectly in the mouth with the rich, warm flavours of the freshly baked empanadas. When I closed my eyes and tasted the food, listened to the chatter felt the summer breeze on my back I felt like I could have been in Latin America. 


Cocina specialise in vegan supper clubs and catering and always have lots of exciting events. Keep an eye on their website as they sell our fast, and it's no wonder! - cocinashoreditch.com