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Indra Kubicek

Indra, founder of om exchange, wanted to create a platform for anyone interested in yoga, meditation and conscious living to "unite", the definition of yoga. She discovered yoga during a stressful time studying for her Canadian Chartered Accountancy exams. As life led toward an accounting career, her love for yoga also evolved. After many years on her yoga mat, visiting retreats, discovering ashrams, and a teacher training, her passion for yoga took over. Inevitably, the comforts of an office were switched for the comfort of her yoga mat and the uncomfortable feeling of daring to step off the track, to take a leap of faith to build the "om exchange" community! I hope you enjoy...

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Laura Wootton

A yoga teacher and eternal yoga student who loves exploring London's exciting yoga scene across the city. Trained in Ashtanga & Rocket with The Yoga People, she teaches dynamic classes in South London Laura Wootton Yoga, writes her own yoga blog South London Yogi. When not on her mat, Laura's professional background is in sport & broadcast PR.

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Florence Wylde

Florence is a lover of delicious, healthy food and is currently studying Naturopathic Nutrition. She blogs about natural medicine, new and food / nutritional events, books and recipes and has a passion for cooking, eating and helping people discover the power of food and healthy living. Florence is always looking for new foodie discoveries and would love to hear about what you are up or if you have any recommendations. 2 Articles


Francesca Baker

Francesca Baker is curious about life and enjoys writing about it. A freelance journalist, event organiser, and minor marketing whizz, she has plenty of ideas, and likes to share them. She writes about life, health, discovery, music, literature, travel, art, London, and other general musings, and organises events that contain at least one of the above. She is very inflexible and finds it difficult to switch off - which is what keeps her coming back to the yoga mat. You can find out more at and follow her on

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Rishin Paonaskar

Yoga teacher and founder of Rish’s dishes, a healthy food bar brand that offers raw, vegan, gluten & sugar free treats. Specialises on yoga for athletes. Passionate about healthy living & travelling.

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Bridget Luff

Creative yoga practitioner, writer and teacher who shares her love of yoga with anyone curious about how their body moves, mind works and soul feels. She teaches regular yoga classes, workshops and trainings with an emphasis on yoga that strengthens and nourishes from the inside out. Bridget works closely with an NGO in South Africa who offer young children yoga, health and hope.

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Kelly Brooks

London based yoga teacher, blogger and writer.Her aim is to make her classes as accessible to everyone as possible.

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Helen Cranney

This 'om'tributor is a Kiwi Paediatric Physiotherapist who works in a London Children's hospital. She found her way to the mat after using yoga as a form of rehab for children in hospital in NZ. She aims to motivate and inspire the children she works with to lead the most active lifestyle they can. She enjoys being a part of the growing yoga community in London, travelling and participating in other regular classes around London including aerial silks, Zumba and kickboxing.

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Carmen Rebel

Media & Content Creator at Om Exchange and creator of healthy food blog "Health Rebelution". Coming from a Media & Communications background, her aim is to merge the world of communications with her passion in nutrition.

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Adrianna Zaccardi

Adrianna is a yoga teacher, student of life, and founder of Infinite Beings. It is her greatest joy to create a space for others to come play, explore and understand their body, and understand who they really are – infinite beings. She believe that from a place of listening, awe and wonder, we can respond from a place of respect, love and support thus honouring our bodies. Adrianna comes to the yoga mat to connect with her ‘Self’ and deems community responsible for magical transformation. Adrianna lives with an open heart and invites you to do the same.

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Sally Griffyn

Founder of Sacred Mastery Yoga and an Ashtanga teacher & practitioner of 19 years. Co-wrote ‘Ashtanga Yoga for Women’, a book that breaks down yoga postures for women. Her philosophy is to have fun while doing yoga.

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Aneta Grabiec

"Yoganeta" (Aneta) is a London based yoga teacher and practitioner. She shares and teaches what she believes in and what she is passionate about: life is to be lived with all its glory and yoga is a therapeutic tool to serve us. She dances, hikes, surfs, snowboards and cycles. She enjoys making yoga available in many forms - playful, therapeutic and adventures! She runs classes, workshops, weekend retreats and holiday escapes.

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Cal Wansbrough

Lover of yoga, lover of teaching yoga and is especially passionate about yin yoga. Previously Head of Creative for a UK clothing brand, she balances teaching and running retreats with studying acupuncture.

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Sarah Scharf

London-based yoga teacher and certified Relax and Renew™ trainer, offering retreats, workshops and classes internationally. She teaches Mindful Flowing classes and restoring classes, as well as regular Restorative workshops.

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Margarita Ngoh

Passionate about embracing life, Margarita has been most influenced by her experiences while living on a boat in Florida and her travels to India. Born in Ottawa, Canada, Margarita is a London-based yoga instructor, artist and jewellery designer. She earned a degree in physics from McGill.

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Kate Jones

A Theatre Degree student, in May Kate is off to pursue her passion of yoga by heading to India to gain her teaching qualification. Her decision to take this path stemmed from recently spending two years working and traveling in the Southern Hemisphere. Coupled with working in the states and living in Europe for some months, Kate also now wants to share her passion on travelling and well-being.

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Natalie Edwards

Natalie is a coach, writer and certified Forrest Yoga & iRest meditation teacher. She chose to train with Ana Forrest, not because she wanted to become a teacher at the time, but because she wanted to get herself out of the stuck place she was in during her life at that point, and Ana Forrest turned out to be the ass-kicking teacher to do that! Forrest yoga not only gave her physical tools to manage her chronic back & neck pain from scoliosis, but also the emotional mindset that she so desperately needed to be able to make the huge and sometimes challenging decisions that have got her to where she is today. She cherishes every chance she has to share this life-changing yoga practice with her students.

Yoga With Natalie

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Kayla Kurin

Yoga teacher who discovered yoga to recover from stress related illness and insomnia. Her road to recovery inspired her to teach yoga to those who suffer chronic illness, chronic stress, and people who love to laugh.

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Laura Prins

Transpersonal psychotherapist and counsellor with a private practice in Woking, Surrey. She works in partnership with Anna Kinnaird Folkman, a transpersonal psychotherapist and counsellor practising in Wimbledon.

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Audrey Smith

Trained and certified as a Svaroopa™ yoga teacher and Embodyment™ Therapist after suffering a severe back injury through her longtime passion, surfing. Audrey’s love is to share what she considers the magic of ‘opening’ one’s spine. Over the last decade, she has witnessed many of her own clients overcome a vast range of back acute and chronic problems through this brilliant technique.

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Laura Wilson

Founder member of both Ayatana Yoga and Edinburgh Community Yoga. From universities to psychiatric hospitals, office spaces, to public classes, from private clients to drug and alcohol rehabilitation centres, and from football stadiums to homeless charities; each week she has the opportunity to teach yoga within an array of diverse groups within the Edinburgh Community.

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Lara Bourdon

Lara started yoga as a favour for a friend that was doing her yoga teacher training and needed some beginners to practice training. It was the best favour she ever done since she hasn’t stopped yoga since! And is now a yoga practitioner thinking of doing a yoga teacher training!


Jennifer Ellinghaus

Jenny is the author of Yoga for Travellers, a how to guide for anyone wanting to practise yoga on the road, both on and off the mat. She loves yoga and travelling and hopes to pass these passions on to others. For more information please visit the Yoga for Travellers facebook page.

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Annie Ross

Annie’s only too aware that when things heat up at work or just in general life, the first thing to go is our health and fitness. This year, she’s set herself the target of completing 52 sporting challenges in 52 weeks. Alongside getting her own priorities straight, the challenges aim to share the value of being active and she hopes to inspire others to get up and achieve their goals. She invites others to join her on the challenges.  Check for details & follow her Twitter: @exerkyourself or Facebook: exerkyourselfFB

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Gemma Ford

Yoga teacher, nutritional and life coach. Strong interest in leading a healthy lifestyle which has brought her to organise fun and inspirational workshops that will motivate you to lead a healthier lifestyle.

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Veena Ugargol

Yoga Therapist for Mental Health, specializing in helping people to manage symptoms of stress, anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder. Academic experience in psychology and neuroscience. Interested in stress and mind-body practices and their effects on health.

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Clive Fogelman

Clive lives in London and currently works as a yoga & meditation teacher. He is also a qualified Group Work Practitioner and a trainee Group Analyst. He has an open-minded approach to his work, influenced by his psychotherapeutic and sporting background. He enjoys helping people to cultivate intuition within their bodies, mindful that all individuals are different and continually evolving. Drawing on the parallels between yoga, meditation and life, the mat becomes a playground for exploration and transformation. Away from teaching, Clive loves writing. He is currently working on a book about his time with cancer and creating a range of children’s books. He recently developed the Life Sequence, a unique sequence that takes people on a journey from birth to death combining yoga, meditation and guided visualisations. For more information visit

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Becky Summers

Freelance science journalist with a passion for the great outdoors, environment, conservation and yoga. Currently training to be a yoga teacher and has practised yoga all around the world - from New Zealand, Thailand, Kenya and India.

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Anna Guest Jelley

Anna Guest-Jelley is the founder of Curvy Yoga, a training and inspiration portal for people of all shapes and sizes. She is the author of Permission to Curve: Inspiring Poses for Curvy Yogis & Their Teachers and the co-editor of Yoga and Body Image: 25 Personal Stories About Beauty, Bravery and Loving Your Body. Visit Curvy Yoga online at

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Mercedes Ngoh

One of the UK's happiest and most creative Vinyasa Flow Yoga instructors. Co-founder of the award winning health retreat Yeotown located in North Devon. She is a proud ambassador for Lululemon Athletica and Manduka and runs weekly vinyasa flow yoga classes, Yoga Teacher Training modules and retreats both locally at Yeotown and abroad throughout the year.

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Anne Bridges

Anne is a passionate yogi and has been for around 7 years having initially started as a hobby, yoga quickly became a passion and now even a part-time job.

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Kirsty Gallagher

Kirsty Gallagher

Kirsty Gallagher is a London based international Vinyasa Flow and Yin yoga teacher with an infectious passion for the practice and life. Kirsty spreads the yoga love and her enthusiasm for all things bendy and blissful teaching regular classes, workshops and retreats in the UK, Europe and beyond, encouraging everyone to find freedom in the flow. She also works closely with the rhythms of the moon and nature and holds regular Yoga Moon Ceremonies and celebrations for the Solstice and Equinox.

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Jo Manuel

Uk's leading practitioner and teacher trainer in therapeutic yoga for children with special needs since 2001. Founder of Special Yoga Ltd, centre of excellence for Yoga Teacher Training and to serve special children and their families.

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Julie Weber

As a New York-based Yoga Instructor and Lifestyle Guide, Julie Weber, helps busy professionals create more space, harness more strength and find more presence and ease—in their bodies, their minds, and their lives. Julie is the Co-Founder of Samana Health Retreats, a boutique wellness company that offers luxury retreats and experiences built around three signature pillars: Yoga, Nutrition and 360-degree Wellness.

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Sarah Thompson

London-based Vinyasa Flow Yoga teacher and entrepreneur who first discovered the benefits of yoga over twelve years ago.Sarah continued to evolve her personal practice whilst working in the City and found that her time on the mat provided both a personal sanctuary and laboratory for creative expression. Recently launched a yoga and activewear brand:

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Anna Khuade

Qualified Yoga Alliance Teacher and Personal Trainer. Her passion is to make people happier and healthier by introducing them to yoga, fitness and healthy nutrition.

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Vivien Pailas

Vivien is the Digital Communications Manager for all natural French skincare brand Caudalie. Passionate about fitness, well-being and nutrition, she balances a hectic lifestyle with yoga, running, Zumba and meditation.

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Emily Stone

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Lucy Bannister

Trained yoga teacher who first discovered yoga at the age of 23 while suffering from facial nerve damage caused by shingles. Regular yoga practice helped her deal with pain, and over time made her appreciate the many benefits yoga brought to her life. Lucy leads uplifting, fun and accessible classes in South East and Central London.

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Founder of My Happy Body in order to share her journey and inspire others to focus on feeling amazing rather than focusing on how they look. She has worked in health and fitness for almost a decade and now runs yoga and fitness classes around Berkshire as well as hosting retreats in Spain. Her ambition is to bring health and happiness to as many lives as she can, and to continue her journey to finding her Happy Body.

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Shailee Shah

Trained Vinyasa Flow teacher living in London, where she balances her work life with teaching yoga to family and friends to ensure she practices as much as she wants to.

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Kyczy Hawk

Inspiring yoga teacher, mentor & adviser for those recovering from addiction or yogis who want to become trained teachers. Author of 'Yoga and the Twelve Step Path', an insightful and inspiring book based on personal experience that will guide addicts through the road to recovery.

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Ariadna Bakhmatova

Specialised in PR for all things wellness with a specific focus on wellness travel as well as yoga. . She is a believer that small things can make a big difference and is passionate about discovering how wellbeing can be incorporated into a busy city lifestyle.

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Kaitlin Colucci

Masters student at the University of Nottingham studying Nutrition and Dietetics. Her philosophy is to balance a hectic lifestyle through the practice of yoga.

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