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East London's 5 Best Yoga Studios

July 30, 2016 by Indra Kubicek 

East London has officially made its mark as one of the best places to roll out your yoga mat. These are our top hidden gems....

1. Yoga on the Lane (E8 - Dalston) - yogaonthelane.com

Just moments away from the hectic high street Kingsland Rd, you'll find Yoga on the Lane. This cute small studio is tucked away on the corner of Shackwell Lane. A beautiful space with a warm and friendly reception area, where classes feel intimate. Many classes a day to choose from, with the main style being Vinyasa Flow yoga. Early riser special (7:15am classes only) - monthly unlimited for £85 YOTL

2. TripSpace Project (E2 - Haggerston) - www.tripspace.co.uk

TripSpace project is home to a unique yoga studio and part of the converted railway archway trend that popped up across East London in recent years. These arches are home to everything from restaurants & bars to ceramic pottery studios and this is just another fantastic creative way the space is being used. There are also weekend workshops, dance, and events happening here. Nod to music fans - Post yoga class on a Wednesday night just head next door to Trip Kitchen to hear live Jazz! The timetable has a range of classes mainly focusing on Vinyasa flow yoga but with Jivamukti, Hatha and Ashtanga in the mix. Starter package - £35 for 15 days (10 classes)  tripspace yoga

3. The Refinery (E9 - Hackney) - http://www.therefinerye9.com/

Nestled in the heart of Hackney, The Refinery isn't your regular studio but a quirky unconstricted space which is home to a yoga, pilates and fitness training. The studio has an edgy urban vibe to match the trendy streets above. But within its gritty concrete walls, you'll somehow find yourself relaxing into the creativeness. You'll feel a sense of restoration in the soft lit, scented studios, complete with post-class herbal teas on offer. But don't be fooled, you're still gonna work your booty off if you choose to attend a more dynamic yoga class. Classes offered range from Kundalini, to Jivamukti, to Vinyasa flow power hour, to Funky flow. You can also slow it down with restorative yoga. Starter package - Either first class for £5 or 10 days for £35

refinery yoga

4. Stretch (E2 - Columbia Rd and E8 - Broadway Market) - www.stretch-london.com

With two locations, the Stretch team has managed to make a mark as one of the pioneer studios bringing yoga to the East. On a side street off of the hip Broadway Market sits the larger of the two studios. On most days you'll find both spaces packed out with a crew of regular yogis. The style is mostly dynamic yoga but you'll also find a more relaxing yin class and mom & baby yoga on the schedule. Starter package - 10 days for £25  Stretch

5. East of Eden (E17 - Walthamstow) - www.edeneast.co.uk/

East of Eden, the new kid on the block, is the first dedicated yoga studio to come to this area. Locals are in for a treat as soon as they come down the alleyway and find a beautiful space which has clearly been designed with an eye for creativity and art. It brings you a sense of peace immediately. It also provides a variety of different yoga styles with 9 class style offerings, including the usual more powerful classes such as vinyasa to more restorative classes. Special ones to note are pregnancy yoga, teens yoga and mom & baby yoga. Starter package - 10 days for £20 east of ede n

6. Mudra (N16 - ...not really East London we know!) - www.mudrayogalondon.com

We'll call Mudra the "bonus" studio. Not technically East London but not far from Canonbury and Dalston stations, this studio is such a gem that its worth venturing up to Stokey for! A beautiful little sanctuary just minutes from Clissold Park. It's an intimate space run by a lovely yogi couple, Emily-Claire Hill and Paul Wong. Classes are mostly focused on vinyasa flow but you'll also find Jiva flow, slow flow or rocket flow options. Sunday mornings offer up a special treat with the "run & flow" session which will get out outside for a pre-yoga run. You'll also find a variety of different workshops happening on the weekends. Best deal - 10 classes for £85 (must be used within 4 months) mudra yoga Hope you enjoy exploring yoga across East London! Namaste Indra PS - If you have any other great yoga studios in East London or around other parts of the city, please share these below and we'll get out there for a visit!