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An Ecstatic Dance Festival Ibiza!

September 8, 2014 by Aneta Grabiec 

By Aneta Grabiec

How did you spend your last bank holiday weekend of the summer? Let me share with you how I spent mine!

I went to Ibiza to reunite with a dear friend and assisted at an ecstatic dance festival Ibiza with their Partner Yoga Workshops.

The event was called Ecstatic Dance Festival , so keeping that in mind the fact it was taking place in where else but Ibiza, you can imagine what I expected…

But with the intention of non-judgment, I went along and little did I know what an event I was privileged to experience!

Due to its successful inauguration last year, and by the popular demand, this year second edition of the festival was spread over 4 days: 20th to 24th August. In the mesmerising location, in the hidden in the forest of Cala Jondal.

Arun, the festival organiser, shared: ‘The idea of the festival is to gather in the nature to enjoy the connection with yourself, others and LIFE. A place to dance, explore and celebrate nourished by the beauty and the magic of Ibiza island’’.

And this is exactly how it felt! Sample it yourself by the last year event clip:

The feast consisted of the following:

  • Partner Yoga
  • Ecstatic Dance
  • 5 Rhythms
  • Body Music
  • Movement research inspired in Gaga
  • Contact Improvisation
  • Singing Circles
  • Live music
And it was all delicious! So many wonderful people, expressing and inspiring one another with all sorts of art forms: dance, music, body, slack-lining and yoga. But not just regular yoga, it was partner yoga which I was honoured to assist with.

Partner Yoga is a bridge between the traditional yoga practice and the world of relationships. The postures (asanas) are practiced with one or more persons, thus creating an honest space to see ourselves in the reflection of the other, to explore our ways of relating to the world, to cultivate such qualities as listening, communication and trust. It's a sensory journey towards union and unconditional love.

ecstatic 1

Our partner yoga guru was Marta Biotika. Marta is incredibly magnetic. She is a Holistic Health Educator and Wellness Coach. Macrobiotic / Vegan / Natural Gourmet Chef, Aura Reader and Intuitive Coach. World adventure traveler and expressive art lover!

Marta studies and practices daily various aspects of conscious way of living: macrobiotics and oriental medicine, yoga and meditation, energy healing and aura reading, astrology, human design (btw, i’m a "Projector"! Suddenly my life makes sense! Wicked! If you wanna know your design. Get in touch with Senorita Biotika via her Facebook Page!)

I was blown away by Marta’s intuitive and nurtured connection with nature and human science!

And you my dear om exchange readers are up for a treat! Marta and her magic toolbox (yoga, food, health coaching, intuitive healing knowledge) will be in London for a yoganeta partner yoga project where you will all have the incredible opportunity to experience as well as to get inspired and enriched by the uniqueness of every person by yoga, touch, and nutrition!

I will keep you posted. And hope to see you all there!