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Falling in Love with Shiva Rea

June 7, 2016 by Indra Kubicek 

I was invited by my good friends at Yoga Campus to attend "Regenerating the Body of Love: A day-long Prana Vinyasa Retreat and Yoga Trance Dance" with the incredible Shiva Rea. It's my fourth year in a row attending an event with Shiva here in London (Shiva makes an annual visit to the UK which usually involves a pilgrimage to a spiritual place outside of London. She's taken groups to Glastonbury and this year is taking a group to Avebury). IMG_0506 I also spent a glorious week doing some teacher training with Shiva in Costa Rica at the Blue Spirit Resort in Dec 2015. If you can somehow fit in the time (& the budget...) to do a trip like that with her, it was an incredibly beautiful place. Shiva leads you on a journey to connect more deeply with yourself and you cannot help but feel your spirit soar in such an environment. But back to London - The event was held at the Crypt on the Green, which is a unique space. As always, Shiva has the room arranged like a Mandala with everyone facing towards a spiritual centrepiece alter. This creates a unified energy in the room. IMG_0509 Whenever Shiva enters a room, you can literally feel her presence almost before you even spot her. I've never met anyone whose being brings such loving kindness, grace, and power to a space. Her spirit literally oozes love. It makes you feel at home and at ease at once. And one could also feel pretty confident it would be a great day given the workshop was about bringing love into your yoga practice. IMG_0515 The yoga vinyasa flow sequence we learned is called "Soma", which is a soulful moving mediation that softly and peacefully opens the body for deep relaxation and allows you to calm your mind and to "revivify" to reference Shiva's term for it. Or you can think of it as rejuvenating on a cellular and energetic level. For a great full description and a short video of the flow, I found this yoga teacher's site here She has trained with Shiva and has a great description and short video of the flow. IMG_0511 We started with the movement practice as Shiva guided us through a beautiful, deep and intelligently integrated sequence. We were lucky enough to have live gong music from Anne Malaone playing in the background. The rhythmic way Shiva builds sequences allows you to get deep into your practice and the morning ends in a completely relaxed Sivasana. I literally could barely pull myself off my yoga mat at the end and I normally have a hard time relaxing, spend most of my time in Sivasana trying to tell my brain to "shut up". But today I felt a deep sense of restoration and I noticed how happy, relaxed, and connected everyone seems as we headed out for a lunch break. During the break I hit the park to take some time out to let the benefits from the morning sink in as I ate my lunch. We meet again for the slower and more meditative afternoon session and I can't stress enough how ready I was for this part of the day after the deep work we did in the morning. Next we moved through some floor based asanas to the sound of a live Chello which was a beautiful addition to the session. By the time we were led into the meditation, which Shiva instructed using a body scan technique bringing your awareness to different places within the body, I found myself dipping into a state of relaxation I've not felt since I went to India and stayed in an Ashram six years ago! IMG_0513 The day ended with a two hour Yoga Trance Dance session which unfortunately I could not attend this year but I have done these with Shiva before and if you've never experienced it, I highly recommend giving it a try. Especially if you love music as much as I do. It's basically a free-for-all dance party to Shiva's well-designed tracks which get everyone moving. The vibe is awesome and I don't think anyone leaves the place without feeling more alive! Egos are left at the door when you enter, guards down and everyone just enjoys the music. You move to your own beat that lives within each and every one of us. It's true bliss! Big, big thanks again to all the gang at Yoga Campus and to the ever incredible Shiva Rea. I think my eyes are definitely sparkling a bit brighter today! Already looking forward to next year... Namaste Indra IMG_0514