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From Banking to Bars (the healthy ones you eat!): A corporate career leads to a super-delicious treat

February 5, 2014 by Indra Kubicek 

photo 1The Background Story:

I am always inspired when I meet fellow yogis taking a chance & following their passion in life! So I was delighted when I heard from Rishin and learned he had launched his own brand new healthy bar business, "Rish's Dishes"!  I met Rishin Paonskar at a recent yoga course I attended, taught by Dylan Ayaloo at Hot Power Yoga ("HPY"). The course was aimed at providing aspiring yoga teachers with a 'taster' of the teacher training with HPY. (Side note: It was a really great 3 day intro course which I would suggest to anyone considering a YTT. Particularly in hot or power yoga). I was there to blog about my experience (see blog here) and Rishin was assisting as part of the mentorship programme for recent graduates. We quickly bonded over a similar realisation that our corporate lives were no longer full-filling enough. Rishin was in investment banking and I worked in finance as a Chartered Accountant.

The Bar Lowdown!

I am a big fan of trying to maintain healthy eating habits. But living in London usually equates to a busy schedule, a lot of 'on the go'. and there is not always time to prepare every meal at home! So I am always looking for healthy snack options (actually truly healthy when you look at the ingredients in detail!). There are so many versions of snack bars out there now (I cannot bring myself to label them 'health bars') describing themselves as all natural, organic, sugar-free, etc. but it is still hard to find a really good option.  And when I took a bite into one of Rish's dishes I have to say that nothing I've bought from the shops has tasted nearly as healthy & natural as what Rishin has developed! Not to mention the personal care he takes in making each bar himself! Rishin has developed some really awesome recipes that both the regular person and the most health conscious individual can enjoy! These bars were super tasty & left me wanting more 🙂 Clearly made from the freshest of ingredients, Rishin explained the shelf life of the current recipes is 5 days. Sounds about right for fresh food!

The Flavours:

And if you love variety & exotic tastes, you are in luck! Rishin's bars come in the following 3 flavours:
  • Hibiscus (A very unique flavour & made with real Hibiscus petals! And my personal favourite!)

  • Chocolate (Made with raw cacao. Click here to read about the difference between cocoa and cacao)

  • Cashew (My friend and taste-tester Adriana's favourite!)

I am definitely looking forward to seeing Rishin's product entering the mainstream market! Watch more about Rishin's transition from corporate life here in this clip by Reuters: http://www.reuters.com/news/video?videoId=276603103 For now, if you are interested in purchasing these bars, contact Rishin at rishsdishes@gmail.com. Or keep in touch on Facebook: facebook.com/rishsdishes or Twitter: @rishs_dishes.

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