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It is Time to Refine, Focus and Dedicate

March 4, 2015 by Adrianna Zaccardi 

Freedom is By Adrianna Zaccardi It is safe to say that as we are already into the third month of 2015, it might be an appropriate time to pause, take a breath and potentially revisit some of the intentions that were set at the beginning of the year. As the excitement of the new year fades away into the ebbs and flows that the every day presents us, it might feel easy to let the new goals and intentions that aren’t going quite going to plan dissolve, rather than face the fact that this year’s resolutions have fallen in a heap. Perhaps there’s a reason why so many of our new year’s resolutions breakdown.   No, it’s not your lack of determination or discipline.   Or your willingness to improve yourself.   With the New Year, we are conditioned to focus on what we should improve, change or disconnect with certain parts of our selves.   But for who’s gain?   Why not think of this ‘falling away’ as an opportunity to recognise who you already are and rejoice in the parts of yourself that are worth celebrating.   Lets reflect:   Was this resolution from your highest place? Was this a desire to change something about your ‘Self’? Did this resolution stem from love or fear?   Lets celebrate:   How can you create more of the great things you are doing in your life? What gives you the most joy? What has solidified and flourished since your intentions were set for the year?   No effort is wasted, however in the practice of yoga, one works towards channeling all efforts into creating clear pathways that result in efficient flow of energy.   Refine, focus and dedicate yourself to the things that you did well and continue to give your whole ‘Self’ to it.   Identify this within yourself; recognise it, surrender to it, and celebrate it within yourself and in all other living beings. IMG_4440-300x300