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Learn How to Be Who You Are

March 28, 2015 by Indra Kubicek 

By Indra Kubicek This morning I went to a half day coaching and yoga session run by two lovely ladies who I know from the London yoga community. Liz Goodchild is a coach and a pretty kick-ass chick and Aoife Kane is a yoga teacher and coach and also a pretty awesome woman. They've combined their skills to run workshops to get both your mind & body flowing and moving without inhibition. There was even a full-on, no holding back, 5 minute booty shaker session to literally shake fear out of your body - it was great!  The workshop was well though-out with planned shorts session split between free-flow writing and short yoga sequences. The yoga poses were designed to compliment what we were working. For example, poses to open your heart, or work with fears and trust through partner work. Some of the highlights for me included:

1. The Honesty and No Bullshit Factor

I loved the open, straight, honest way Liz and Aoife ran the session. It wasn't flowery or waffly. It was real and you could tell they were living their words and being who they really are. They openly spoke about their own struggles, fears and ways they've worked to conquer and accept themselves just as they are - truly. No bullshit.

2. The Warm and Welcoming Group

I was also overwhelmed by the amazing women in the room. Out of the group of about 15 ladies, I actually could count out about 5 people I already know from the yoga world. And all of them are women I consider to among so of the loveliest souls I've met on my yoga journeys in London. In fact everyone in the room seemed like a pretty awesome lady to me. And it struck me how even the people whom we think have it all 'figured out' or who we think could not possibly have the same worries, fears or insecurities as ourselves are also just human and learning too.

3. The Guidance and Practical Recommendation

The guided writing sessions Liz led really hit home for me. She is an excellent speaker and commands a group's attention easily and fully with her open and constructive approach. She would start off by sharing some guidance, maybe a personal story, or just getting us into the right frame of mind and then would ask us to write freely in our journals. We covered difficult but interesting topics which I am sure many of the others, like me, are still pondering about tonight. For example, questions like:
  • When am I being myself and when am I not
  • Want do I wand and what do I not want
  • What does my life look like a year from now
Obviously you'd need Liz to coach you through how to really think about these questions and what you can draw from them and how to start making changes but I just wanted to briefly share them!

4. The Motivation and Inspiration to Believe in Me

Whether we were moving through a yoga asana to connect more to our inner self or helping assist our partners or expressing ourselves to the pages in our notebook, I felt the impact of all of it and left feeling revived and ready to tackle some of the stuff that came up for me in the class. I felt like the supportive feeling I had was strong enough that it would carry me beyond the day. One of the final things Aoife talked about was commitment. She admitted her own fears about the word and I identified strongly with having negative or contracting feelings about the word commitment. Sometimes I can feel like it means I cannot be free, I will be held back or I won't be able to make a change. But that is only one way of looking at the word. And in fact, committing to something allows us to really give it a go, to trust that the change we want to create will come & that with time we can build up the life we really want.

Last Note: Learming to Like The Word Commitment

We were asked to write 3 small commitments we could start with today that were realistic and achievable. So I thought I would start by sharing mine with all of you since the sheer fact of facing my fear in putting them out their in the open and making them a statement will help me towards really sticking to the,.

Commitment 1:

I commit to giving 5 minutes to myself each day to sit in calm silence and take full deep breaths. And do nothing else for those 5 minutes.

Commitment 2:

I commit to saying 'no'. Whether it be to a piece of work, an invitation to an event or anything else where I know I say yes out of feeling obligated or not wanting to upset someone when really my gut knows I should say 'no' and I can't take it on.  And I will do this once a week.

Commitment 3:

I will do one thing a month that is entirely for fun. Something new and creative. And something with no end goal, nothing I am trying achieve or I want to get something out of. Just something for the sake of the moment. To find out more about what else these ladies are getting up to, checkout their websites below: Aoife Kane, Yoga Teacher & Coach - http://www.aoifekane.com/ Aoife Kane 2   Liz Goodchild, Coach - http://www.lizgoodchild.co.uk/ liz goodchild


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