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Meet the lady behind London's new yoga dating website

September 22, 2014 by Kelly Brooks 

By Kelly Brooks 2011-08-28 07.14.02 Dating in London can be hard for anyone. But for yogis maybe even harder. Once you find yoga, you may be looking for other like-minded single yogis to connect with. This is how idea for a dating website for yogis was born. This week I caught up with Christina Papandreas in Tibits Vegetarian restaurant to talk to her about the amazing new dating website she has set up with her fiancé,  for people who love Yoga! It is called YOGA SINGLES. The website launched on Sunday 14th September. There is an offer for anyone who signs up by 31st October will get 6 months free membership on the site. What inspired you to create the website idea Yoga Singles? I met my fiancé online and we always talked about how hard it was sifting through people with the same value and interests. My fiancé had the idea of a dating website for people who liked yoga and we bonded over the idea especially because that is what caught my eye on my fiance’s profile. Before I met him I didn’t realise what a good connection you can share spiritually and so the website idea was to inspire this in other people’s relationships. My previous role in Marketing wasn’t feeding my soul and so I decided to take this idea forward, working together with her fiancé who compliments her skills taking the lead in the technical side of the website. Tell me about the aim of yoga singles? The vision of the website is to connect people who are like minded. Whether its spirituality, meditation, or a healthy mind and body you are interested in; Yoga is a way of life and we want to help these people find a true connection. We want to make dating fun. That is the aim. I hope to create something which has a community feel. The website will inspire people to date. Everyone wants to meet for a drink at a bar and there is not much out there for dating if that is not really of interest. For many, once you make that change in your life and to your health & wellbeing, you never look back. You can’t turn back and now you need someone who will bond with you. You don’t necessarily have to have all the same beliefs but as long as there is respect, you'll be able to connect. How does the site work for users? The website has been kept to a simple profile. People on the site are yogis and can describe themselves in three words. They list a few of their interests and the type of Yoga they practice. They have the ability to have live chats and message people. They can also send them gifts like a “Namste”, “Om” or a piece of “Love”. The future is to have an app to assist the site. What is the long term vision for the website? We would like to offer people regular updates on dating ideas, yoga or health related, to make it fun. Also dating tips and everyone can post their experience and advice, creating a community of likeminded. Why do you think it is important for yoga in particular to be a common interest?  For a yogi, yoga can become part of so many elements of life. From Bhakti yoga and the mind -body connection.  If you both embody these characteristics and find someone you have this in common with then you have already begun to bond.It’s your mindset. There are lot of people who have incorporated yoga into their life, but they are looking for yoga in a different way. And deeper conversations that has deeper meaning.

Yoga Singles founder Christina with her fiance (centre) and Lululemon's Educator and yoga teacher Marc Laws II.
How is yoga integrated into your life? I first started doing yoga at university in a class at my local gym. I just tried it out, enjoyed it, and then I started doing different styles. My favourite classes include Jivamukti because it feeds my soul. I like to keep a variety to continue to learn something different. Yoga is everything to me. From self practice or sometimes practicing together with my fiancé. But I try to do it every morning along with meditation in order to ground me for the day. I also like to attend classes with a variety of teachers, and I try to do workshops here and there. What has been the most interesting thing you've learned so far or didn't expect when you started the venture?  Finding a common link with what I learn in yoga and my experience in dating. For example when you are trying to achieve a difficult posture like headstand sometimes you fall over and get back up and try again, eventually when you get there you are stronger and feel so much gratitude. It is about the journey it takes to get there, and sometimes you have to try meeting a lot of people, and have good times, get stronger, so when you get there and meet the perfect person it is so satisfying. Yoga can teach us that strength and confidence to dive into postures. Give it a go and stay positive. What is going on in your mind will determine what is going on in your body. Yoga Singles has a fantastic offer if you register by the end of October you get 6 months free. Make sure you join up today. You can follow them on Twitter and Facebook. Keep up to date with what’s happening in the yoga scene around London & the UK by subscribing to the om exchange newsletter here, checking out the website events section and following on Facebook and Twitter Interested in sharing your own dating experiences (anonymously of course!) on the Yoga Singles site? Get in touch with us! And you can have an opportunity to write an 'anonymous single yogi around London' blog and have it featured on our site and in our upcoming Oct newsletter! Email indra@omexchange.com to submit request.