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OM Exchanges Asks Mercedes Ngoh About Her Popular Yoga Teacher Training!

February 12, 2014 by Mercedes Ngoh 

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This month OM Exchange caught up with one of London's favourite and most talked about yoga teachers, Mercedes Ngoh to ask her first-hand about her "YTT" programme.

Mercedes runs a unique 200hr YTT based at "Yeotown", the Devon countryside retreat she co-founded with husband Simon Sieff.

1. What yoga certification do your students get?

My course is called Vinyasa Flow Yoga, Vinyasa Flow Life and it is a 200hr Vinyasa Flow Teacher Training and Self Development Programme. Upon successful completion students will receive a 200hr Certificate of Completion that is registered with Yoga Alliance US that will allow them to register as a RYT 200 (registered yoga teacher at the 200hr level).

Adjustments pose2. What style of yoga do you teach in the teacher training? And who/what inspired you to teach this type of yoga?

Vinyasa Flow Yoga. I lived in California for ten years and it is pretty much the norm to practice Vinyasa Flow. However when I came to the UK about 8 years ago it was practically unheard of! Now it is getting very popular. (Mercedes trained with Vinyasa Flow's Shiva Rea)

3. Will students only learn one sequence or learn how to intelligently and creatively sequence?

Feed a man a fish you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish you feed him for life!! We work with a template so that students can learn to create their own big, bold and beautiful sequences that reflect their style, personality and heart.

4. What words of advice or support do you share with your students on how to get a job teaching yoga after your teacher training? What would you say to any new teachers?

We have a session that focuses solely on how to start teaching which covers interesting and out of the box ways to find classes and students. The ones who I notice begin teaching the quickest after a training are the ones who get out there and start knocking on doors in addition to following some of the teaching tips that we covered. I have also referred many of my trainees to studios and gyms where I teach or where I think they would be a good fit. Additionally I often place my graduates with clients that attend my Yeotox by Yeotown programme at my retreat as they often ask me how they can carry on their yoga after they leave and if I can recommend a good private teacher etc. I always refer my own students of course and they always get rave reviews!

peacock5. How long have you been teaching yoga? How long have you been training teachers?

I have been teaching for almost ten years now and training teachers for almost five.

6. What is the price of the teacher training?

£3900 (payment plan available)

7. What it the programme of your teacher training?

My teacher training is modular and residential intensive. We run 2 residential ten day sessions at my retreat Yeotown in North Devon throughout the year that comprise the 200hrs or you can attend the full 200hr residential intensive over three weeks during the summer.

8. What do you think are the main benefits of residential yoga teacher trainings?

I think  the camaraderie and bonding that takes place among the students in a residential course is hard to replicate in different formats and is very special to witness. Also for me as a teacher I get to bond with the students working with them day in day and that type of environment is very condusive to understanding the importance of community in yoga.
Mercedes at Yeotown, Devon. Home of her YTT programme
Mercedes at Yeotown, Devon. Home of her YTT programme

9. How long do you recommend students practice yoga before taking your teacher training or any teacher training?

At least two years and should have a good grasp of the basic poses.

10. What are some of your trained yoga teachers doing today?

I am really proud to say I have teachers now working all over the place. From big studios and gyms like Triyoga, Evolve, Equinox, KX, Virgin Active to all kinds of smaller studios and gyms. Some have started their own studios and man run their own retreats, workshops and have many high profile private clients. Testimonials from graduates of Mercedes' Yoga Teacher Training Programme: Emily Valente - V flow teacher London Emily yoga 2“Just wanted to drop you a line to say I did my first cover this week at Triyoga. I was pretty nervous beforehand. But your having been so focussed on our finding our own authentic voice and style helped so much. I really heard your voice in my head and I just thought, as long as I'm myself and I mean it, it'll be fine, and it was!  They've now offered me my own regular Monday morning class on the schedule. Thank you so much Mercedes!” To checkout Emily's website and find out where she teaches yoga, click here!   Gillian McDonald, Vinyasa Flow Yoga teacher and Yoga Studio Owner, Bangor, Ireland Gillian Dancer's pose“If I hadn’t embarked on my yoga journey with Mercedes at Yeotown, this wonderful opportunity (hosting my first yoga retreat in Italy and opening my very own studio!) may not be happening. I want to share my genuine gratitude to you, for helping me feel capable and confident to share and take the amazing yoga teachings forward, with awareness and love” To checkout Gillian's Twitter page, click here!           Rali Gineva - V flow teacher London  rali yoga“Amazing, amazing, amazing! There’s really nothing more I can say. Mercedes really takes you on a journey which allows you to dive deep into the teachings and methodology of Vinyasa Flow Yoga. I now teach regular classes at Evolve, Equinox, LA Fitness and Ushivani Spa. She's also recommended me to many private clients which has not only helped me hone my teaching skills but has helped make a living off doing what I love! ” To check out Rali's website or read more about where she teaches yoga, click here!