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Serene on a rooftop

September 28, 2014 by Francesca Baker 

By Francesca Baker As London views go, The Shard, Gherkin, St Paul's Cathedral and The Bank of England make for a pretty iconic skyline. Stimulating and inspiring, it's the perfect place for morning yoga practice. As the leaves rustle on the rooftop garden of Coq D'argent our small group of five is here to stretch, revive, relax - and mingle - with Serene Social. Serene launched in London this year, after successful projects in New York and Los Angeles. More than just a yoga class (although yoga is of course hat you make of it and put into it) it is a place for like minded people to come together and meet, as I learn over the breakfast that awaits us post yoga. Serene Social London Warming ourselves with strong coffee and mouthfuls of flaky pastry, Leslie, the London representative tells me how things got started in the city. 'I went to an event in New York and was so thrilled and excited by the energy that comes from having brilliant women not only practising yoga together, but communicating and collaborating afterwards. I knew I wanted to bring it here, and so kept in touch. Here we are.' Building a community and taking a more holistic approach to wellness and well being is something that our western view of yoga has forgotten, with media and marketing representations often preferring to focus upon the physical aspects and weight loss impact. But yoga is about focus, and throughout Karin's class (all are led by guest tutors) we are urged to focus on the present moment, as 'this is where the magic happens.' Serene Social Even the sound of engineering work happening along the Thames is almost meditative - accepting London as it is. It's this wave of classes and communities that I hope will thrive in the yoga world - the ones not only accepting but promoting a balance of early mornings and late nights, yoga stretches and stretches to reach the coffee, calm and conviviality, individual practice and social mingling, crow poses and cocktails, east and west, physical and mental. In short, everything that makes being a modern woman. Headquartered in New York City with a rapidly growing international community, SERENE Social was established in 2013 by Millana Snow and Erin Ralph. SERENE Social is a membership based, international wellness, philanthropy and conscious networking community founded by women, for women. Their mission is to provide women with mindful content and purposeful networking opportunities that nourish the mind, body and spirit to help them to live more balanced, purposeful and healthier lives and they believe that making authentic connections happen best over shared meals, during downward dog, and moments of awe during an inspiring panel or conversation.