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Strike a pose: Voga

January 12, 2015 by Francesca Baker 

We all love to do it. Strike a pose. Get into the groove. Express ourselves. And if prancing around like Madonna is good for our bodies as well, then that's a bonus. Voga, a fusion of yoga and vogue dancing, is one of the latest ways that yoga has been appropriated by those seeking all things trendy and given a twist. As I move with around twenty other girls, and one lone man, on the top floor of The Haggerston pub, it's clear that this is not a normal yoga class. Our teacher is donned out in glittery pants, and the bass line of eighties dance tunes are booming. Working through simple stretch and tone routines, the moves are not demanding as such, but they work, as my muscles told me the next day. It's fitness with a fun twist, made all the better the more drama you throw yourself into the moves with. Voga was thought up by Juliet Murrell, a former film industry art director, who wanted to fuse the breath and discipline of yoga with the intensity of a cardio workout. The importance of stretching and breathing is stressed at all times through the class, and the downward dog, child's pose and savasana all included in the routine. Energetic and stylish, this is more about poses and is a world away from the spiritual side of yoga. Some may say it has taken the meaning of yoga too far, but for a form of exercise that makes you giggle, it's well worth a shot.