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The 30 Day Detox Programme

May 19, 2014 by Gemma Ford 

By Gemma Ford Did you know that each spoonful of sugar we consume has the effect of shortening our lives?  I know it’s a scary thought!  And I know the world of ‘this is a super food’ and ‘this food can cause cancer’ within the area of nutrition can also be a minefield.  I am a yoga teacher, a practitioner life coach and a health and wellbeing expert and am going to make it very simple and clear with the help of a 30-day detox programme, created by qualified nutritional therapists. IMG_2119 I followed the detox in January 2014 hoping to shed my Christmas weight and feel lighter with more energy, which I did!  The brilliant part is that I have maintained my slim physique easily by continuing just a few of the practical tips and eating habits I learned on the detox.  For example I learnt to make delicious, protein based smoothies for breakfast, which I have continued and LOVE!  However I have also let a few bad habits creep back in, like having a sweet something after a meal and relying too much on carbs when I’m busy or tired.  Each time I do a detox programme it refocuses my mind to my health and wellbeing and I pick up a few more good habits to continue.  It is for these very reasons I am doing the detox programme again in June to kick-start my metabolism and lift my energy levels, and of course crack out that bikini body ready for the stunning summer we have been promised! This 30-Day Detox is a lifestyle plan and if your body needs to lose weight it absolutely will, while you follow the programme.  However it is not restricted to those wanting weight loss, it is for anyone that would like to improve their skin, reduce cellulite, improve quality of sleep, increase energy levels, not to mention set themselves up in the best way possible for their ongoing health and wellbeing. Five areas are highlighted as key:

  1. Eat clean, real whole foods
  2. Alkalise your body and reduce inflammation
  3. Reduce allergenic or addictive foods
  4. Balance blood sugar
  5. Reduce toxin exposure and support elimination organs
green-juice-with-vegetables I am inviting you to join me on the detox!  And I am offering to be your coach and supporter. If you take part you will be part of a Facebook group where we all help and encourage each other and you will be given specially created shopping lists, work books and recipe books. To educate people on the importance of nutrition I am offering free workshops in London and Cornwall; please feel free to contact me to run one at your house, in your local community or studio. To join me on my detox and experience the results for yourself, or to book your workshop, please email me on gemma@loveyogaonline.co.uk and find out more about me on http://gemmafordorpin.strikingly.com/.