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The Art of Failing

February 8, 2014 by Aneta Grabiec 

By Aneta Grabiec ("Yoganeta")

So, here we go. Another new year, another fresh start. Because Jan 1st is meant to wipe clean everything and anything we don't like about ourselves and our lifestyle… right…?

Yup. Another new year, another fresh start…

…another 'failure'…

Yoganeta lets go on strict New Years resolutions!
Yoganeta lets go on strict New Years resolutions!

90% of those who fail their ‘New Year’s resolutions do so by the 3rd week of January, with the remaining 10% by the 1st week of March. We can all fall victim to the intoxicating mixture of 31st December partying/alcohol/possibly naive hope that after that particular night we will henceforth possess the power to stop drinking, smoking, eating gluten/wheat, sugar, ditch caffeine and loose a stone, probably all within a week!

But the cold reality is, none of those resolutions are truly realistic – nor is the way we deal with them. Society makes us believe in miraculous, incongruous remedies: can I really replace my dearest coffee with that green tea, grass tasting liquid? Or follow that gym regime five times a week and run 5k every morning to work? Not quite! I know it, you know, we all know - it ain’t gonna work. But what we fail is not so much the New Year’s resolutions through the pressure of making them within the start of the New Year, but the reassessment of ourselves and our lifestyle, regardless the day, season or time of year. Winter is a great time to tune in with yourself and make a few amends, change something old and add something new without actually slapping yourself over with potential, self-fulfilling failure. It’s the perfect time to start practicing meditation - in other words: a personal session with yourself, to withdraw, in order to see and listen within, sharpen your inner senses on what changes you might need and are ready for.
Enjoy yoga in your urban life!
Enjoy yoga in your urban life!
If you’re constantly observing the pattern of not meeting your New Year's resolution, let it go, go easy on yourself and accept it. Acceptance is a great tool to understanding how and why we are not ready to achieve what we aim for. Why that total body and mind torturing detox won’t happen overnight, and how we could possibly make it work… maybe without over analysing and dooming ourselves to failure, we could accept just one challenge a week? How about swapping your Friday drinks for a yoga class and going for a walk on Monday lunchtime? And have some herbal tea after 5pm on Thursday? It’s all about making some more timely choices rather than dumping an unreasonable regime upon ourselves. “Little things grow big results”, as my grandma would say. Once you catch the wind in your sails, anything else will be just a piece of cake (the gluten/wheat free and reduced fat one, if you like it that way 😉 And if another Jan 1st urge reaches you, and you really want a change, forget what has been, focus on the present and pursue your 'change'. If you fail today, think of tomorrow as the start of another new year.... Yoganeta 🙂 aneta black & whitePlease join us on facebook (yoganeta group) to share and read other successful yoga and not so yoga new years resolutions and life wellness amends and meet/join us on one of our wellicious escapes on and off the mat! Yoganeta is a London based yoga teacher and practitioner. She shares and teaches what she believes in and what she is passionate about: life is to be lived with all its glory and yoga is a therapeutic tool to serve us. She dances, hikes, surfs, snowboards and cycles, adding the hint of a no-nonsense yoga to make it available in the form of playful, therapeutic and adventures class, workshop a weekend away or a holiday escape with a difference. For the passion and love of living; join her in!

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