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The Hottest New Yoga Studio in Tribeca!

August 23, 2014 by Indra Kubicek 

Just below canal street you'll find the hottest (complete with a fire red wall!) new yoga studio, Lyons Den Power Yoga.

Friend and co-founder of Lumi Power Yoga (in London), Ari Iso-Rautio, recommended I check out this new studio back in November. So I was excited to finally be here! Lyons Den and Lumi share the same Power Yoga family roots based on the style of yoga created by the father of Power Yoga, Baron Baptitste.

Bethany Lyons, the brains & beauty behind this hot little studio, and her partner co-founder & businessman John Murray decided to open after they realised a Baptiste-Style yoga studio was missing from the Manhattan yoga scene! More on their story here.

lyons den sign

I received a lovely warm welcome when I arrived for my 8:10am 'Power Beats' class with Jessica Willis . I could immediately tell the Lyons Den was built with a dedication and care for this space. From the lit OHM sign in the waiting area to all the added to touches such as hair ties, hair dryers, & make up remover in the changing room, the Den is kitted out to be like your 'home away from home'. One where you can really ROAR!

The yoga room is a small beautiful renovated space, complete with dark hardwood flooring, a funky brick wall on one side and this signature fire red wall at the back. Two large windows with a view into Tribeca (including an awesome rooftop patio!) completes the picture.

studio image 1

Our teacher that morning, Jessica, did something unique to start off the class. She asks us to all introduce ourselves and say one think about our summer that made it interesting or exciting. At first, the morning grump in me felt a little uncomfortable and was not so pleased with feeling put on the spot. I was worried about having to think of something to say and whether it will be the right thing...it was a complete example of the silly things we can get overly worried about. And what yoga teaches us about being more aware of.

And of course sharing this moment ended up being one of my favourite parts of class! We all learned a little bit about one another and what a cool group of yogis were in the room!

One girl was moving to Copenhagen that evening for grad school, one guy quit his job the day before, and another just finished developing a phone app! Some people were in town only for the summer and a feeling of end of one one season and new beginnings was in the air. This also made the group feel more connected when we started to flow!

Class was soon underway and although it wasn't a hot class (I was quite happy it wasn't full on heat!) the room was slightly hot and we were working hard so a nice sweat was shared by all 🙂

I thought Jessica was an excellent teacher! But two things about her teaching really stood out for me:

1. Her instruction and terminology allowed me to move into new spaces

She spoke strongly, in a structured way, with wonderful attention to using details and terminology which allowed me to feel each part of my body in a pose.

Her level of knowledge and thoughtful choice of words meant I was practising with awareness throughout the entire hour. I arrived to class tired but was energised and sad it was over by the end!

2. She gave amazing adjustments 

Sometimes i forget just how much an adjustment can make all the different to your yoga pose, if done really well! I realised good adjustments are similar to really good wine. Sometimes rare to find and you might not even know what you're looking for. But when you get it, one sip, and you know its amazing! Soothing and smooth.

I had to think more about what it was that made the adjustment Jessica gave me in a side twist that took it to another level where I moved in to myself more and physically moved deeper than I thought possible. It was her confident and supportive nature. She wasn't afraid to come in strong and really meld with your body and provide a trusting level of support. And I was able to let go, release, and open up. She did it with grace and I was so grateful!

lyons den logo

I highly recommend it if you want a strong class, where you can challenge yourself & get a little hot and sweaty!

Looking forward to my next visit already!

Thanks Jessica and well done to Bethany, John and team of Lyons on making your den so special!