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The Yoga Kitchen - Book Review

September 16, 2016 by Florence Wylde 

By Florence Wylde I love cooking and experimenting in the kitchen but lately, as the market grows and the bookshelves expand, I have been feeling a little bored of seeing the same things being done over and over again and I’ve been looking for something to inspire me and get me trying different recipes again. Kim’s book has done just that. The Yoga Kitchen is a beautiful book; full of colourful, nourishing and original recipes. Kim’s naturopathic and yogic talents shine through the entire book and even the simplest of her recipes are truly delicious. The book is split into 7 chapters, one for each of the chakras (Ground, Flow, Vitalise, Nurture, Strenghthen, Calm and Pure). I really like this style, not just because it ‘Flows’ perfectly into a yogi’s lifestyle of combining diet and holistic health but because Kimberly encourages the reader to eat based on how they feel and what their body craves and each chapter is there to offer a choice based on this craving (each chakra is linked to different emotions, organs and internal systems). This approach is refreshing and reminds us that happiness and health is about choice and individual needs, along with the integration of the mind, body and energy. Kim guides us through the chakras and describes the energy flow for each one so that we can balance our emotions with food. Kim has lived in Italy and has travelled the word learning, cooking and tasting and she uses an array of these influences in her recipes which are unique and original, she reveals some really interesting methods that I will certainly use many more times – such as taking the bitterness out of lemons and encouraging you to eat the whole thing, this is not something I had done before, it’s delicious and it’s been great recreating it for friends and enjoying their excitement as well. What I also like about that book is that most of the cupboard ingredients are the kind that you already have in stock (I’d describe my pantry medium-ly well stocked) so all I needed was the fresh ingredients. fruit Recipe Testing The first thing I made was from the Ground section, it’s Kim’s version of the much loved eggs and avocado – my idea of heaven and probably my desert island meal of choice (as boring as that is I just can’t get enough!) When the avocados are perfect and so are the eggs, it’s a beautiful thing.  The Ground chapter is made up of recipes for when you want a sense of community and an anchor back to your roots and your home, it is for when you want to feel passionate and secure, so a Sunday morning with friends was the perfect time. The avocado is mashed with some other veggies and lots of lime, including zest. The tricky part is the egg; after you have poached them you coat them in a nut / spice mix. I managed not to break the egg and my track record with messing up poached eggs isn’t great so I’m sure anyone can do it, you just need a steady hand and a sprinkle of patience. avo Overall, I highly recommend these eggs and I will be making them again – they are fairly easy and definitely an impressive dish to serve your loved ones and bring everyone together to start the day. I’ve made it several times since and am really enjoying it with a dash of chili sauce. The book has a range of meals for every occasion and season but as it’s been so warm lately I focused on the lighter meals. Kim’s dishes are very well matched for seasons, she even pairs early summer, mid summer, late summer etc, a lot of thought has gone in to each one and I was impressed by her attention to detail. She’s an experienced Naturopath and this is clear but she doesn’t overload with facts and ‘rules’ like so many other clean eating cooks out there. I like her laid back approach, she’s accessible and gentle and I appreciate this approach. The next dish I tried from the book really impressed me and it was a total pleasure to make and eat. Grilled watermelon, salsa verde and creamy goats cheese. Sounds unusual, tastes incredible. melons I’m looking forward to making this one next time I have a dinner party because it’s so unusual and is sure to impress people while being easy and quick to prepare. The recipe is from the Strenghthen chapter of the book, which encourages us to feel tranquil, calm and steady. Although summer is coming to an end and this is heartbreaking, a light at the end of the fast approaching dark nights will be trying some of Kimberly’s warm, comforting winter recipes that will be sure to nourish and warm my energy and get me thorough another inevitably wet and grey British winter. Thank you Kim for keeping us inspired and I can’t wait to try more of your recipes. xo