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Four Ways to Bring Balance to the New Year!

January 22, 2015 by Margarita Ngoh 

by Margarita Ngoh

Balance is a sought after thing that brings with it good health and wellbeing. Here is what my definition of balance includes for the New Year. Wishing you a wonderful 2015!

Love, Margarita

1. Look at yourself

Look at yourself. Practice looking at yourself to find the parts of your mind's eye that you are blocking from your own view. These are the things that you have trouble accepting and are what your subconscious decisions reach for to bring you closer to that which you cannot accept. These are things that are still a part of you. Your spirit and subconscious mind want all of you to go along in this journey of life. In seeing all of yourself you can accept all parts of yourself. In accepting all of yourself you become well balanced and in good health. When you look at yourself often enough you begin to notice what is lacking in terms of energy. Meditation is a great way to begin to look at yourself. However, even if you need to find a private moment by yourself and strip naked and look in the mirror every evening, be sure to find some way to look at yourself every day this year. To look at yourself is to be on the path of a life filled with bliss.

2. Practice non-harm to others

By eating vegetarian foods, and practicing non-harm to others you begin to realize that you don't need to have an "it's either me or them" attitude to survive in this journey of life. You also begin to see how there are many open-hearted people who will help you along the way in life. This helps further your understanding of why it is untrue that you must look out for yourself first and do things even if some else gets hurt along the way. This includes harm to animals. Yoga is also a great way to balance the energy centres in your body that when blocked contribute to the false notion that we need to harm animals and eat meat to survive and be stable. A life including harm to others will not end your suffering, nor will it lead to a life filled with bliss.

3. Don't be scared of feminine energy

Drink at least 1.5L of water everyday and you will greatly increase your feminine energy. This is the cold, slow moving energy also known as 'yin'. This is to be equally balanced with the amount of masculine energy flowing within you as a male or a female. You can also create artwork, do yoga, meditate, listen to music or engage in any slow moving activity that brings gentleness to your life, for an extra boost in this energy.

4. Yoga

I both teach and practice yoga weekly. Yoga helps balance the various energies within you. It helps to clear blocked energy from parts of your body. Visit my yoga website if you need help with your yoga practice. I have helped people to alleviate stress, anger, anxiety, tension, energy imbalances and more. I teach a calm, slow moving Vinyasa yoga class that includes some Yin Yoga and Restorative Yoga postures.

To find out more about Margarita's yoga classes in London you can email her at margaritaturne@gmail.com or visit her yoga web site www.RestlessSpirit.co.uk.