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Union Station Yoga..the new(ish) kid on the block!

June 13, 2015 by Helen Cranney 

By Helen Cranney When people ask me where I like doing yoga in London, I admit, I am normally a little non-committal. Because I have been diligently saving for my masters studies, I haven't found many places that I can justify spending decent money for a yoga class. Instead I have opted for trying to make the most of free Sweaty Betty or Lululemon classes (which are amazing!) and practicing (when I can afford) at a couple of places in Peckham Rye. But now.... I've found this little gem! I had the pleasure of attending a class at the newly-ish opened Union Station Yoga in Clapham on Easter Sunday with one of my good friends. Since then, I have been back a few times and have recently taken advantage of their great intro pricing (£40 for 20 days... bargain!) The studio is situated about a 15-20 minute walk from Clapham Junction Station so is very easy to get to. It was super easy to find, especially with this sweet signage out the front...... 20150405_201047-768x1024 Union Station Yoga is owned by Paula Le Dao who I quickly discovered is from Vancouver (one of the best cities in the world!) Paula is sooo lovely and passionate about providing a space to authentically practice yoga. I was quickly struck by the studio's welcoming vibe which was something I hadn't felt for a long time since moving from Vancouver to London. Katy Bateman of Red Panda Yoga is a fantastic teacher and just so happens to also manage the studio. She is so friendly and definitely adds to the welcoming vibe of the studio! 20150405_200556-1024x768 When you walk in the front door, you are firstly greeted by a big smile! For class, you are given a name card to put at the top of the mat so that the teacher and other students know your name. This personal touch creates such a wonderful sense of community. I have often felt this community sense lacking in some London studios where the attitude seems to be more get in, do a class and get out. It is also so refreshing to be able to be recognised as an individual instead of just another nameless class goer. 20150405_200026-1024x768   20150405_200038-768x1024 The studio has a shower, bathroom and a space for you to store your shoes and belongings while you are doing a class. Although some places always have lockers - your belongings are literally just out the door and there is always someone at the front desk. This felt safe to me! Even better is that they have spare hair ties, deodorant and even products incase lady flo pays an unexpected visit!!   20150405_200719-768x1024 I broke my arm in January (the joys of snowboarding!) but have recently begun a slow return back to yoga (finally - phew!) As a physiotherapist, I always enjoy going to a class where the teachers are able to modify asana's for injuries or participants individual abilities. I have been to a few different classes so far.....and all of the teachers teach in this manner 🙂 I can't recommend this studio enough and I look forward to maybe meeting some of you on the mat there!   20150405_201036-1024x768