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Where to Find Yoga in Berlin

June 12, 2016 by Indra Kubicek 

While in Berlin for a work trip last weekend I realised I needed to checkout the local yoga scene to discover where Berliners get their yoga fix. Saturday @ Spirit Yoga: My first stop was Spirit Yoga Central in the central Mitte district. Tucked away through a courtyard I found the studio 3 floors up. My decision to attend a 90min Level 2 - 3 class on a Saturday evening at 5pm was suddenly feeling very ambitious. Particularly after my friend had convinced me to have a strawberry wine spritzer just a few hours before in an amazing outdoor market not far from Mitte.... IMG_0557 But I was determined to get my down-dog on Berlin-style, so I left the buzzy sunny market to rush to the studio just in time to join Judith Bird Weissinger's class, which started in a very unique way. One you'd possibly only find in Berlin. We began with a sort of freestyle dance on our yoga mats while German techno played for about 10 mins before moving into the yoga session. I don't think I could have planned a better intro to Berlin yoga! IMG_0541 The class speed felt slower than what I am used to in London, probably to match a slower lifestyle pace. The class felt challenging but I am not sure if this was due more to the strawberry wine factor (not something I'd normally do before a yoga class), the fact class was in German which I don't speak or the actual asanas themselves. Nonetheless, I left feeling refreshed and I had definitely worked up an appetite. Luckily my dinner plans were at the amazing Dudu, a must-do if you like Japanese food. A trendy spot and the sushi and sashimi was top-notch! IMG_0539 IMG_0540 Sunday @ Yoga Tribe: My Sunday Yoga Tribe visit was a special one for me since I had already met studio co-owner Kai Hill back in London a few years ago at a European Yogi Nomads gathering. Kai is a wonderfully inspiring and energetic yogi so I was excited to checkout his yoga home. IMG_0550 Immediately I felt at home when I walked through the doors of this beautiful studio also located in Berlin's city centre, Mitte. The receptionist was warm and friendly and kindly comped my class (Big thank you for that yogi love!). The studio had a really relaxing vibe, complimented by a big sitting area with hot tea, water and fresh fruit. IMG_0554 IMG_0553 This Sunday morning "Sacred Sunday" 1.5 hour session was being taught by Whilemenia Taal Pflaum, who accredits David & Sharon Gannon and Shiva Rea among her teachers. By now I felt like a yoga class in German was 'old hat' , so I courageously took a place at the front of the room. The class was very full and we were literally mat-to-mat. It was obvious this was a Sunday tradition for many yogis in the room. The class was challenging but again a slower pace than what I am used to in London. We did some partner work (we also did this at Spirit Yoga), which I enjoyed since this isn't done much in London. It reminded me of my classes back home in Vancouver. Sometimes its relly nice to meet your fellow yogi neighbour, help each other get into more difficult poses, and connect a bit more. I told my partner I was there to blog about the class and his face lit up and he said 'Whilemenia is my favourite teacher and I always come to her classes!'. I loved to hear a local firsthand view. IMG_0552 Thanks again to Whilemenia, Kai and the whole Yoga Tribe for the kind invite to the studio! So when in Berlin, be sure to hit a yoga class at one of these studios or the many others if the locations are right for you. Berlin has clearly made its stamp on the global yoga world map as a city full of energetic yogis. Danke! Namaste Indra