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Flashing at Parliament

September 28, 2014 by Francesca Baker 

By Francesca Baker Life is about balance. If there is one thing you can learn from yoga it is that; not how to do the splits, or the perfect vinyasa, but the beauty of bringing your mind, body and soul into alignment. Yoga can be beneficial for so many medical ailments and conditions, and it is the belief of The Minded Institute that integrating the practice along more 'traditional' medical procedures could help reduce pressures on the NHS by tackling the underlying imbalance that can cause or prolong so many pains and problems. Not everyone knows about the pivotal role that yoga can play though, so what better way to draw attention to it than doing yoga. In a group. Organised by social media. In a public place. Like outside the Houses of Parliament. With a giant white rabbit. This yoga flash mob was supported by om exchange. We're a new yoga community hub. Join us in moving beyond the mat! Subscribe here! flashmob1 flashmob3 flashmob2 flashmob4