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Yoga for Peace in the Congo!

June 18, 2014 by Sally Griffyn 

Sacred Mastery Yoga ran an event in May called Falling Yoga which is a collaboration between the yoga company and a conscious business called Falling Whistles. The event was the beginning of many and is a fusion of yoga with DJ's, meditation for Peace, food and a live Congolese band.

Sally Griffyn the founder of Sacred Mastery Yoga says

"In Feb, I was in Panama after finishing Meghan Currie’s teacher training and met up with friends of friends. They were starting a PR company and running two events that is their new brand and always working with conscious businesses or charities. So when I got to Panama I just got involved in helping with the events. As it happened, the events were being run for Falling Whistles and the founder, Sean Carasso was coming to Panama. In between events I ended up hanging out a lot with Sean sightseeing in Panama; going to the beach and to the jungle to see monkeys and this was where we had some of the most epic conversations of my life.

Sean is 2% small talk and 98% passion about what we can do for the planet. He is one of the most conscious people I have ever met and in his presence I found myself immediately offering my services to help him get his message out. His story is amazing. He was working for a billionaire entrepreneur and after 2 years felt burned out and decided to go on a trip to “find himself”. Already in South Africa he went on a road trip and ended up in Congo where there is a devastating war on. It is not a holiday place at all. Here he witnessed first hand the situation. It is very scary. The women are gang raped by rebels armies and their children are taken away and forced to be child soldiers. If the little boys are too small to hold a gun, they are given a whistle and sent to the front line. When they blow it upon seeing the “enemy” they are the first to be shot and their bodies are used as barriers for the soldiers behind to shoot from. He met child soldiers who said they were all just boys and how could they hate other boys for no reason.”

Sean couldn’t leave Congo without doing something about this and so Falling Whistles was born. He raises consciousness about the biggest war on the planet which I for one, didn’t know about. The war is all for minerals which fuel mobile phones and we in the West are the largest buyers of mobile phones. Sean decided to use this entrepreneur head to transform the situation. He sells beautiful whistle necklaces and 100% of profit goes to creating non-conflict business in the Congo such as a free radio station where real news is heard rather than govt propaganda. He has also formed a non-conflict coffee brand and started a coffee business in Congo.


Hearing this I found myself immediately aligned with the cause and with Yoga, Meditation and Music as a forum to cast light on a very dark subject. At the heart of every yogi is a calling for Peace. It is a natural alignment so we created an event in which Sean actually had a conversation at the beginning to tell people his story and how we could help. We often feel powerless hearing awful things that are going on and one of the tenets of Yoga is to witness and “to the wicked give indifference”. However there is something we can do and that is on an energetic level.


Rachel Okimo of Funk The Buddha and Marcus Lord Veda of Rocket Yoga led a fantastic yoga session and everyone dedicated their practice to sending Love to the Congo. I ran the Peace mediation and used techniques from Shamanic journeying that I know while playing Tibetan bowls. It is a method not merely of witnessing a horrible situation but actually sending positive energy to it. We create new positive though forms for Congo and this then becomes a reality as in the Law Of Attraction. What you think you manifest in the world and so we manifested Peace for child soldiers. I believe we will have a real effect on this situation and will continue to run events that send energy like this. There was a study of meditation in Washington in the 90’s in which meditation in highly violent areas brought down the crime statistics by 24.5%.  We are causing that to happen for Congo.


We ate good food and then ended the evening with a Congolese band called Mulele Matondo Afrika who know first hand what is happening in Congo. They are fantastic. We all had to dance in a circle and each person danced on their own for a while and then chose the next person to dance. It was so moving! I was on a high at the end of the evening. I felt stimulated by Sean’s engaging conversation, powerful with yoga, sent love to the Congo and then danced! What a fantastic evening and many people who came were so moved that we formed a group and will be holding other events. They will be word of mouth and everyone will ask their friends to come. Falling Yoga is a new collaboration and we will get better and better. The golden nugget of what these kind of events was launched and now we will perfect everything. Everyone donated their time, skills, food and space so we really were able to directly send money to child soldiers too. Watch this space for another event as we will build them in London. Yoga is more than just exercise, it’s life shifting and can do good on the planet.

NK4A8397Info on studies about meditation on violent crime http://www.nytimes.com/1993/08/01/nyregion/meditating-to-try-to-lower-crime-rate.html and another link on statistics on the reduction of crime during meditation http://istpp.org/crime_prevention/

Love Sally xxx