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Yoga & NLP – what’s the link?

August 8, 2017 by Francesca Baker 


Heard of Neuro Linguistic Programming? Wondering what it has to do with yoga? Here’s five reasons that the two go hand in hand.


Neuro refers to your brain and neurology; Linguistic refers to language and Programming refers to how that neural language functions – and what it makes you do. NLP is the basics for both conscious and subconscious communication. Communication with ourselves and others.  When we say ‘namaste’ – ‘the light within me bows to the light within you’ - those words matter.


Yoga isn’t just about the physical asana. There are eight limbs spanning the emotional and physical, mind and body. Yoga helps you by working with the whole person. When the mind and body are in alignment communicate effectively with each other a balance is formed. NLP helps us to focus and create optimal states of presence.  There’s no point being on the mat if our minds are elsewhere.


How we treat our bodies depends a lot on the internal messages that we tell ourselves. We are more likely to attend an asana class or take time out to meditate if have the belief that ‘I am worth it.’ NLP helps us to create those beliefs and form thoughts that become embedded beliefs. You might have heard the phrase ‘where attention goes, energy flows.’


Yoga helps us to get in tune with our inner selves, just like NLP. Javier Orti is a therapist who works with challenging those internal beliefs. He’s seen the power of combining yoga with his work in NLP and hypnotherapy. ‘Understanding is power and this is the first step into changing our current experience. Letting go of those toxic beliefs and embracing the new powerful and empowering ideas.’ Both yoga and NLPoffer a new perspective on the body and mind and direct energy to a meaningful life. 

Off the mat

The work of both NLP and yoga really happens off the mat, in our daily lives. Our bodies reflect our minds and vice versa, so this dual approach can be an incredibly powerful way to enhance our lives.