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Yoga Teacher Training - The final few weeks

November 28, 2014 by Laura Wootton 

10363556_10152865128928256_5824165128043763656_n I knew it was coming, I just wasn’t sure when. But here it is, full-on yoga teacher exam freak out! With just over two weeks to go till our final exam I’m experiencing the levels of panic not seen since GCSE chemistry when I realised that I barely knew what the periodic table was. At the moment I’m frantically thinking that I should be spending every waking moment practicing, studying or planning the class that I’m going to teach. Will I complete all my practice hours in time? How am I going to learn all my theory? Why do I have a full-time job that keeps getting in the way? And why oh why can I still not do a pincha?! But, in the style of a student who spends so much time creating a revision timetable that they run out of time to revise, I’ve found that things keep getting in the way. In a desperate bid for my exam class to not be the first full class I’ve ever taught, I decided to book a studio space and invite friends to come to a class as guinea pigs. But instead of spending the time prepping for the class by rehearsing what I’ll say and making sure it fits in the allocated time, I’ve spent forever hunting for a studio that has availability in my somewhat limited time frame. When I found one that looks great and is easy for people to get to I started tying myself in knots worrying about my playlist to accompany the class. I thought I was pretty much there, having negotiated Spotify’s idiosyncrasies and  ordered songs to fit the flow of the class, when I discovered that I hadn’t downloaded a radio edit of a hip-hop song I wanted to use and what I was planning on using had quite a lot of lyrics in it that I wouldn’t feel comfortable playing in front of students, some of whom I don’t know. Ooops. With the playlist sorted I thought I really should get round to making sure I learn the sequence (nothing like doing things in order when you’ve got a deadline looming) and have taken to muttering my verbal instructions to myself at every available opportunity. As I leave the house every morning I hit play on my phone and start talking through the Ashtanga primary series in my head, and do the same on my way home. Fellow Northern Line commuters at 8am and 6pm, I’m not mental, I’m just using lifting my hands up and down to mark the breath and I’m not talking to strange voices in my head, I’m instructing my imaginary students. Sorry… The one thing that is utterly invaluable in getting me through all of this though is my fellow trainees. We’ve developed a great bond over the past few weeks and it always makes class a bit more fun if I go to one of the big studios in London and find someone else from the course is there as well. We’re able to share our worries and thoughts and I inevitably feel a lot less panicked when I’ve spoken to someone else who is feeling exactly the same. We had last weekend off from the course (when my body realised this it decided to strike me down with a cold, nice timing) and I realised how much I missed seeing everyone. So with two weeks in hand, I’ve made a plan. I have my first full class all sorted (I hope) and a selection of friends who have volunteered to let me teach them. I’ve booked off 3 days from work before the exam weekend for revision and planned exactly what classes I need to do to make my required hours outside of our course time. And as long as I stick to that plan, I should be fine. Gulp!