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Yoga Teacher Training - Week 5

November 13, 2014 by Laura Wootton 

By Laura Wootton Phew, week five of  yoga teacher training all done – where on earth has that gone?! As much as it’s a cliché that the time’s absolutely flying by, I can’t quite get my head around the fact that in a month’s time we’ll be finished. A yoga teacher friend of mine sent me a message a couple of weeks ago telling me to soak up every minute of my training, because it will be over before I know it. So that’s my new intention - appreciate every moment that I get to spend doing my training and being grateful for the new things I’m learning and the wealth of wisdom that’s being imparted from our teachers and course leaders. It’s easier said than done when I’m on my fourth breath of my third wheel pose, my hands are slipping from the sweat that’s also running down my face and I’m desperate to race through the rest of the class to Savasana, but overall I’m determined to make the most of our last four weekends of training and the classes around them. Weekend five was all about pranayama and the Anahata chakra, so lots of backbends were on the cards! As ever with The Yoga People, we were encouraged to keep going further, expanding quickly on things we’d already learned and trying new things. So we quickly found ourselves doing drop backs into wheel, first from camel pose and then, for some brave souls, from standing. The first time we tried this it presented a huge challenge for me. I don’t know how much of it was mental and my fears taking over, but my head felt like it was spinning and about to burst, so I retreated to child’s pose (and maybe had a little cry). 64269_10152849440153256_629292791366752882_n-857x515   But our teachers’ encouragement to push ourselves is always equalled by understanding and support if things don’t go quite to plan. So when I vented my frustrations and worries that I wasn’t progressing as quickly as others to one of the course leaders she told me to not be too hard on myself and remember that my body’s going through a lot at the moment. Another teacher told me that she found she could barely move during her training, but once she’d finished, and rested, she put everything she’d been taught into practice and found she was able to hit advanced poses that hadn’t seemed possible a few weeks before. So there’s hope yet. 10406377_10152849441868256_1489243356961384241_n The other key part of last weekend’s training was chanting. I absolutely bloody love chanting. It goes against a lot of my normal character (I’m not exactly queuing up to audition for X Factor), but I find that repeating an ancient mantra helps me really focus my mind and is really uplifting. So now, as well as muttering asana names to myself, spending as much time as possible in lycra and annoying fellow Northern Line commuters with my yoga mat while trying to get on a packed tube, I’ve taken to merrily humming Sanskrit chants. It’s all possibly a bit bonkers, but this is my life for the next few weeks and I don’t think I’d have it any other way!