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Yoga Teacher Training Week Two - It's All About That Breath

October 23, 2014 by Laura Wootton 

1016832_10152798698048256_631452044226219515_n Of all the things you don’t really want to happen during the second week of yoga teacher training, your washing machine breaking down has to be pretty high up the list. Granted, it’s not breaking a bone or tearing a ligament, but it’s far from ideal when you’re racking up numerous sweaty hours on your mat! So when my washing machine decided to pack up I pulled together the clean yoga clothes I had, made a quick trip to Lululemon (it was an emergency Mr Bank Manager!) and prayed that my landlord would come up with a solution before the end of my second weekend of the course! Week two started on the Friday night with the most intense full primary series I’ve ever done. We spent a long time focusing on the breath at the beginning, starting with ujjayi and building up to holding our breath with empty lungs. It was tough and challenging but a great start to a sweaty and invigorating practice. For our full days training on the Saturday we continued focusing on the breath, strengthening our ujjayi and trying out nuali which felt awkward and tricky but is something I’d love to eventually perfect. I’m really starting to understand the importance of breath and the idea behind ‘no breath no yoga’ now. It used to be something I’d take or leave a bit, but as our course gets more and more intense and we’re pushing ourselves deeper, I’m realising just how key it is to our practice. On the Sunday morning, I hit my first real wall of the course and found hot tears on my cheeks twice during our primary series practice. Once was out of sheer frustration (why aren’t my handstands getting any better and why is my body so tired!?), but the second was after I’d been adjusted more deeply into a pose and something obviously just clicked inside me to let some tears flow. Luckily I soon found out that I wasn’t alone. When Jamie and Dulce asked the room after lunch how we’d found the first practice, the word ‘emotional’ came up a lot. They explained that this was completely normal and they weren’t surprised that a lot of us felt like that – we were working through the Muladhara chakra so there was bound to be lots of things coming up for us to deal with. Plus we were bound to be pushing through some tiredness by now. Phew, it wasn’t just me! Once again we got through a huge amount of theory, practice and adjustments and I made myself find as many different bodies in the group to adjust. I’m really enjoying breaking down poses that I think I know and piecing them back together for different people’s bodies and needs and looking at how an asana can be shaped and improved. And hopefully I’m starting to look like I vaguely know what I’m doing! The second full weekend was over before I knew it and, tired, hot and happy, I left on the Sunday night to a very welcome text from my landlord confirming my new washing machine would be with me shortly!