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Taking Yoga To New Heights @ The Shard!

November 18, 2014 by Indra Kubicek 

By Indra Kubicek Its a Saturday morning and I am rushing across London to get to the Shard for an 8:30am yoga class on the viewing deck! I’ve been looking forward to it ever since I got the invite but on this particular morning its a little cloudy. I couldn’t believe my bad luck but tried to keep my spirits up as I joined the queue of about 40 eager yogis waiting to roll out a mat & see the view from the top of London!  The Shard, Europe’s highest building, has been getting plenty of attention since opening earlier this year. I was very curious to see for myself what all the fuss was about.  We are soon on our way up to the 72nd floor where the viewing deck had become a makeshift yoga studio with yoga mats aligning the entire floor space around one side of the room. The class was taught by Yogasphere co-founder Mandy Jhamat. Her co-founder and partner Leo Lourdes was assisting and demonstrating the postures for those of us who could not see Mandy (its a circular room so she could not be visible to all in the room). This worked fairly well and at times she’d move around the room. The class itself was one anyone could attend which is a great way for someone who wants to see the view from the Shard but isn’t an advanced yoga student. Although we weren’t directly looking at the view while going through our asanas it was a pleasant side view when we moved into certain poses. It was still quite cloudy throughout the class but even with the grey sky, the experience did not feel a disappointment. We were busy enjoying the yoga and we had an opportunity to do some nice partner work where we helped support one another in stretching out our backs. It felt good to have a quick chat with a partner, take a peek out the window and by the time we’d finished our final savansa pose, the sun gods has smiled on us and the clouds were parting! IMG_1259-768x1024 Post class we were given an opportunity to take photos around the viewing deck and even go upstairs to a higher solarium viewing deck to get a slightly higher and clearer view. I met a lovely Australian girl who was just as curious as I was to walk all the distance around the deck, checking out some of London’s oldest buildings and more modern additions! IMG_1263-768x1024 With the sun now fully shining behind us, we played around with taking yoga pose photos around the deck. It almost felt like having your own private visit to the Shard with only us view yogis up there before it was opened to the public. And by 10am I was brought back down to reality (sort of! Still feelt a nice high from the yoga and the view all!). And sat down at the nearest Starbucks to sip my Americano and sift through all my photos! As I walked past the queue now formed outside the Shard for the regular viewings, I smiled to myself at how lucky I was to have already had a yoga class and beaten the chaos to see the top of London as it was just waking up! Yoga at the Shard is a great event for anyone curios to see this famous view and also trial an all levels welcome yoga class! IMG_1275-1024x768 Thanks to Yogasphere teachers Mandy & Leo and the Shard for the sunny start to my Saturday morning! This weekend they are adding special evening classes to experience yoga @ the Shard by nightlight! Check out details here! Namaste Indra IMG_1309-1024x768